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Carte Blanche - Illegal Street Racing 0    0

Illegal street racing has received some public criticism for what is seen as reckless and dangerous behaviour. But for many it’s a unique subculture of men and women addicted to the adrenaline rush...

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The Fightback Against Cable Theft 0    0

Frustrated with random power outages? Stranded, without phone connections or transport? Finally, crack investigators have real tools to fight back and bring cable theft criminals to book. The crime tr...

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Zondo Commission on State Capture 0    0

Explosive testimony at the Zondo Commission on State Capture has lifted the lid on gross corruption and bribery, lining the palms of influential politicians and the blocking of police investigations, ...

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Special Assignment - The Bang Bang Club (2003) 0    0

At the end of apartheid in South Africa, a group of four photographers, known as 'The Bang Bang Club', captured some of the most compelling pictures of the transition to democracy.

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The R699 Car Scam 0    0

Special Assignment Investigates the R699 a month for a new car scam.

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Mzansi Wethu - I Wasted R1.8 Million After Winning The Lotte... 0    0

From being a Hero to Zero after winning R1.8 Million in lottery. The aim is to educate people out there to be responsible with their monies and spend it wisely.

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Special assignment - Pastor Omotoso (2018) 0    0

A year since the arrest of Pastor Timothy Omotoso for the alleged molestation of young girls in his church, Special Assignment travels to Durban where more alleged sexual abuse victims have come forwa...

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Exposing Ramaphosa's Lies 0    0

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa recently went to the United Nations General Assembly. He was asked about the Land Without Compensation issue.

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Does Land Reform Threaten Our Future 0    0

What will happen if South Africans occupy land by force? Are we heading for our Zimbabwe moment?

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