Suidlanders at the European Parliament 0    0

Simon Roche was invited to speak at the European Parliament in Brussels by the Conservative block.

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Scenario Expert Discusses South Africa's Future (2015) 0    0

Frans Cronje, CEO of the South African Institute for Race Relations Centre for Risk Analysis gives an overview of the various scenarios that may play out in the South African political and economic ar...

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Who Is Cyril Ramaphosa 0    0

As the ANC National Elective Conference gets nearer we take a look at the Presidential Hopefuls. Who are they where do they come from , theri role in society and how they ended up where they are today...

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AfriForum vs EFF on Land Reform 0    0

Heated land debate between Ernst Roets (Deputy CEO) of AfriForum and Mp's during land debate in Parliament.

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