Mitchells Plain The Movie (2016) 0    0

Mitchells Plain first ever movie, telling the real stories of and about Mitchells Plain. The Screenwriter, Assistant Director and Producer's, Robin Van Der Byl, Technical Director: Andrew Bennett, Ass...

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Underground Drag Racing in Gauteng - Episode 2 0    0

In this episode of Underground GP we are back at the 011 Street Society’s closed track, but this time we are not list racing. No, today we are here for a cash night. Who will walk away with the pot?...

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Underground Drag Racing in Gauteng - Episode 1 0    0

Underground GP is an all new web series that is here to give you an unsolicited view into the world of underground drag racing in Gauteng and other parts of South Africa. In this episode we will intro...

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My During Apartheid - TedX Talk 0    0

Tobie Openshaw speaks about growing up in South Africa during the time that Mandela was in prison.

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A Rainbow Nation of Inequality 0    0

Why is South Africa going down the wrong road today? What can other nations learn from South Africa's bad example? Based off of the sermon "South Africa, a Rainbow Nation of Inequality" b...

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A Look At The Men Who Killed Hannah Cornelius 0    0

The three men convicted of raping and murdering Hannah Cornelius and abducting and assaulting her friend, Cheslin Marsh, have been found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment on November 12 2018. ...

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Mapping The Murder of Hannah Cornelius 0    0

The murder of 21-year-old Stellenbosch student Hannah Cornelius shocked South Africa. By using newly released CCTV footage of the alleged perpetrators, along with confessions of the accused and witnes...

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More Witnesses Come Forward Accusing Omotoso Of Sexual Assau... 0    0

As the trial of rape-accused pastor Timothy Omotoso unfolds, others are coming forward with disturbing claims relating to the self-proclaimed “man of God.”

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Cheryl Zondi Stands Firm In Court 0    0

Cheryl Zondi faced a barrage of tough questions from Omotoso's lawyer Peter Daubermann.

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