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Special assignment - Pastor Omotoso (2018) 0    0

A year since the arrest of Pastor Timothy Omotoso for the alleged molestation of young girls in his church, Special Assignment travels to Durban where more alleged sexual abuse victims have come forwa...

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Exposing Ramaphosa's Lies 0    0

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa recently went to the United Nations General Assembly. He was asked about the Land Without Compensation issue.

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Does Land Reform Threaten Our Future 0    0

What will happen if South Africans occupy land by force? Are we heading for our Zimbabwe moment?

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Dear Nair - Renaldo Gouws 0    0

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Who Is Cyril Ramaphosa 0    0

As the ANC National Elective Conference gets nearer we take a look at the Presidential Hopefuls. Who are they where do they come from , theri role in society and how they ended up where they are today...

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AfriForum vs EFF on Land Reform 0    0

Heated land debate between Ernst Roets (Deputy CEO) of AfriForum and Mp's during land debate in Parliament.

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