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The Cape Flats - 40 Days Of Our Lives (2009) 0    0

A place on the Cape Flats in 2009: A society challenged by gang violence and drug abuse but with people involved that want to make a difference. They wish and work for change in this unvaried day to d...

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The Cape of Fear (1993) 0    0

This is a documentary about twin brothers Rashied and Rashaad Staggie, ex-leaders of the notorious Hard Livings gang in Cape Town. Filmed in 1993, it explores the harsh realities of growing up on the ...

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Pagad - The Gangsters' Enemy (1999) 0    0

Ernie Peters is just one of many gangsters who end up being gunned down by rivals. His funeral sets the scene for this gritty account of gang violence in South Africa, and the group who have simply ha...

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White Farm Murders in South Africa 0    0

Are attacks on white South African farmers aimed at terrorising them off the land? Should Australia offer them special haven, as some MPs here have suggested? Jonathan Holmes investigates.

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Growing Up In South Africa - Part 3 0    0

From joy to despair, the final film in this series takes a look at the lives of the characters we first met in 1992.

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Growing Up In South Africa - Part 2 0    0

Now 28 years old, the South Africans we first filmed as children give a unique insight into their adult lives and relationships.

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Growing Up In South Africa - Part 1 0    0

We follow the now 28-year-olds into adulthood and gain extraordinary insights into South Africa in 2013.

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Inside Johannesburg's Underworld 0    0

Each day thousands of forced migrants flood into Johannesburg in search of a better life. Many have risked their lives to cross South Africa’s borders, and in their desperation resort to the only ac...

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Unrest in South Africa 0    0

South Africa is further removed now from the ideal of a rainbow nation than at any other time since the official end of apartheid in 1994. Extremists are increasingly gaining traction and poisoning th...

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Is There A Future For White Afrikaners 0    0

After campus protests some of South Africa's most prestigious universities have agreed to stop teaching in Afrikaans - the language of the Afrikaner white minority who controlled the country during th...

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Behind Paradise The Movie 0    0

In September 2012, a resident of Hout Bay, South Africa, awoke to the icy point of a screwdriver at his throat and the glare of a torch in his eyes. That victim of home invasion was Gordon Clark, a fi...

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The Cape of Good Hope - 20 Years After Apartheid (2014) 0    0

Township Lessons from the Cape of Good Hope tells the story of people living in the Cape Flats area outside of Cape Town, South Africa 20 years after Apartheid.

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Pollsmoor Prison 2017 0    0

Educational documentary on solitary confinement, prisoners facing capital punishment and the many weird and wonderful rehabilitation methods used inside .

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More Witnesses Come Forward Accusing Omotoso Of Sexual Assau... 0    0

As the trial of rape-accused pastor Timothy Omotoso unfolds, others are coming forward with disturbing claims relating to the self-proclaimed “man of God.”

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Cheryl Zondi Stands Firm In Court 0    0

Cheryl Zondi faced a barrage of tough questions from Omotoso's lawyer Peter Daubermann.

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The Day The Old South Africa Died 0    0

The 1994 Bophuthatswana coup d'état was a popular uprising against, and subsequent removal of, Lucas Mangope's regime in Bophuthatswana, a South African tribal homeland installed during apartheid. Th...

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Right-Wing Resilience (1998) 0    0

Johan Niemoller is the founder of a new force in right-wing politcs. His party, Die Volk, mixes religion, fundamentalism, nostalgia and naked fear to whip-up support. Their favourite recruitment tacti...

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The Death Of Apartheid 0    0

Documentary about the doomed attempt of Eugene Terreblanche's AWB to stop the 1994 elections which brought the ANC to power in South Africa.

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The White Laager (1977) 0    0

This 1977 United Nations (UN) documentary examines the role of Afrikaners in South Africa’s former Apartheid system during the 20th century. While the director indulged in a modicum of Afrikaner ste...

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Apartheid in South Africa (1957) 0    0

This 1957 documentary explores South Africa's apartheid policy, focusing on issues such as race relations, political practices, and segregated dwellings. The film includes several interviews with blac...

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1946 - Johannesburg South Africa 0    0

A 1946 black-and-white film narrated by Frank Secker that tells the history of the South African city.

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