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Why did Henri van Breda murder his family - Part 3 0    0

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Last month, 23-year-old Henri van Breda was found guilty of killing his family and will spend the rest of his life locked up. But there’s one person who’s not so convinced. Daniel...

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A Look At The Men Who Killed Hannah Cornelius 0    0

The three men convicted of raping and murdering Hannah Cornelius and abducting and assaulting her friend, Cheslin Marsh, have been found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment on November 12 2018. ...

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Mapping The Murder of Hannah Cornelius 0    0

The murder of 21-year-old Stellenbosch student Hannah Cornelius shocked South Africa. By using newly released CCTV footage of the alleged perpetrators, along with confessions of the accused and witnes...

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Why Did Henri van Breda Murder His Family - Part 2 0    0

23-year-old Henri van Breda was found guilty of killing his family and will spend the rest of his life locked up. But there’s one person who’s not so convinced. Danielle Janse Van Rensburg believe...

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Why Did Henri van Breda Murder His Family - Part 1 0    0

23-year-old Henri van Breda was found guilty of killing his family and will spend the rest of his life locked up. But there’s one person who’s not so convinced. Danielle Janse Van Rensburg believe...

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Mzansi Wethu - I Wasted R1.8 Million After Winning The Lotte... 0    0

From being a Hero to Zero after winning R1.8 Million in lottery. The aim is to educate people out there to be responsible with their monies and spend it wisely.

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Shattered Dreams - Tik on The Cape Flats (2006) 0    0

A film showing the damaging and destructive effects of the drug, crystallised methamphetamine, or tik, is having on the younger population in suburban communities of Cape Town and how the authorities ...

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How Cape Town Stopped The Taps Running Dry 0    0

Early this year, the South African government announced that Day Zero was looming – a moment, after three years of unprecedented drought, when dam levels would be so low that taps would be turned of...

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Unsafe Abortions (2012) 0    0

In South Africa abortion and discourse on sexuality are cultural taboos. But now one woman is striving to break this trend and raise awareness of the rising number of deaths caused by unsafe abortion.

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Dissecting The Marikana Massacre (2013) 0    0

Can there be justice for the Marikana miners in a country plagued by corruption, where over 9000 policemen face criminal charges?

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The Born Free Generation (2014) 0    0

Born young enough to not know the legalised racism during apartheid, or to see hundreds die in the struggle for freedom, what does it mean to be South Africa’s ‘born free’ generation?

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Fatherland (2015) 0    0

In rural South Africa, the far-right Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) is clinging onto Apartheid-era politics. They're training thousands of youth in military-style bootcamps to take up their cause...

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The Township Surfers (2016) 0    0

Children in South Africa’s Masiphumelele township often experience the worst of violence and poverty. For many, surfing has become a means to get away from the dangers of the slums towards a future ...

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A Tale of Two Slums (2017) 0    0

A third of Cape Town's 3.7 million people now live in slums, with limited access to basic services, such as water, electricity and toilets. But whilst some are being 'upgraded', many are languishing i...

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Cape Town: The City Without Water (2018) 0    0

This year Cape Town has come dangerously close to running out of water – the first major city to do so. Efforts to reduce water usage have doubled – but will this be enough to stave off 'Day Zero'...

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Land Evictions (1995) 0    0

South Africa's farmers are still throwing black labourers off land they have lived on for generations. Many other people are fighting for land they legally own. After 15 years struggling on a marginal...

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Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi (1995) 0    0

Inkatha leader Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi is defying South Africa's Government of National Unity.

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Fruits of Freedom (1995) 0    0

The principal patrols at night. One drunk boy has passed out on his bunk and cannot be awoken. A couple scowl as he stumbles upon them in a dark corner. Others are smoking joints in the bathroom. Thes...

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Militant Youth (1994) 0    0

Before Mandela's election to office in 1994, the youth of South Africa are divided over its present and its future.

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Nelson Mandela - The Last Mile (1992) 0    0

Following his release in 1990, this 1992 report captures Mandela's landmark tour of Africa as a free man.

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Land or Death: Apartheid's Final Reckoning 0    0

South Africa’s government is finally responding to popular pressure to redistribute its land, decades after the end of apartheid. Land which is still overwhelmingly owned by white people.

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Train Surfing in South Africa (2006) 0    0

'Surfing' on top of speeding trains is the ultimate adrenaline experience for South Africa's disillusioned youth. It's illegal, dangerous and has already killed hundreds.

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Overcoming Nyaope Addiction (2015) 0    0

We follow a group of nyaope addicts on their journey to give up the notoriously destructive drug that contains heroine. Going cold turkey can cause serious and possibly even fatal withdrawals, but wit...

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My Neighbour The Rapist - Documentary (2018) 0    0

It's one of the poorest parts of South Africa. But poverty is not the biggest problem here. Dieplsoot is the most dangerous part of South Africa - especially if you are a woman. Warning: the video ...

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Sandra The Black Girl Born From White Parents (2000) 0    0

Sandra Laing was born to white parents in South Africa, but because of her appearance she was identified as black and expelled from school. What followed was a heartbreaking story of a family ripped a...

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The Private Security Boom 0    0

The high walls, electric fences, and private security guards surrounding South Africa's residences and businesses are as inherent to the country's landscape as Table Mountain is to Cape Town. And with...

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Carjack City (2014) 0    0

Marcel Theroux joined the army of private security companies which sprung up to deal with gun toting gangs who are terrorising ordinary people in Pretoria.

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The Reluctant Vigilante 0    0

Amid spiralling crime and violence in the marginalised South African township of Galeshewe, local resident Pantsi Obusitse has formed a vigilante group called Operation Wanya Tsotsi. The group has set...

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Ama Wrong Turn (2017) 0    0

A documentary about Sotho boys who took the "Wrong turn" & joined gangs that kill innocent people for non-materialistic things. It's an informative documentary on how Sotho cultural prac...

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The Killing Fields - Katie Hopkins (2018) 0    0

The Killing Fields is a world-first — a documentary that goes well beyond polite interviews in safe places and deep into uncomfortable places, where the heart of the truth lives. Included in...

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